My podcast project

Title: Living in a network-centric world

Main objective: Upon completion of this module, students will be able to identify the role of networks in our daily lives.

Level: Intermediate

Class type: students (17-18)

Aim: understanding the increasing role data networks play in the way hymans communicate with each other.

Time: Max 3 minutes per answer

Material: Computer with access to Internet / Headphones

  1. Teacher tells students they will record the answer of a list of questions using Podomatic.
  2. Student signs up to Podomatic.
  3. Student creates a blog in Blogger.
  4. Teacher shows participants how to record using Podomatic.
  5. Teacher shows how to write a reply to a Podomatic audio.
  6. Teacher shows how to create an About me page in Blogger.
  7. Teacher shows how to embed audio files in Blogger.
  8. Teacher describes the questions to the students: how do networks impact our daily lives? What is the role of data networking in the human network?
  9. Student records his/her answer in English
  10. Student embeds podcasts in his/her blog.
  11. Student chooses a classmate and listens to his/her recording and write     comments or questions in their classmate´s blog.
  12. Teacher creates an account in Bloglines to add students´URLs and visit this site to receive updates. He/She can also embed the Bloglines code or URL to add it to the blog sidebar. This will allow everybody to check for updates.
  13. Teacher evaluates them using a rubric.
  14. Each student chooses one recorded answer and evaluates himself/herself  using a rubric.

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